A-Z directory of restaurants, bars & cafe’s in Ireland

Licence Trade of recommended Businesses in Ireland

License Trade list of the top restaurants in the Ireland forms the backbone of what we represent as a brand. It’s a chance for us to shout about the best-of-the-best in both emerging and established culinary roles and allows us to celebrate the incredible chefs and hospitality teams out there going above and beyond to give their diners top-class.

It’s no secret that Ireland plays host to some incredible culinary talent. As a result, the top restaurants in the Ireland created quite the conundrum. From the very north of Ireland Banba’s Crown, Co. Donegal to  Brow Head, County Cork southern tip, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to dining destinations worth travelling for. 

While there is an ever-reliable fine-dining set on our list, there are also some surprising hyper-relaxed restaurants that prioritise produce over plating and offer gorgeous combinations of just a few key ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion destination or an all-new regular nearby, our list of the best restaurants in the Ireland offers up something for every occasion and every budget. If you’re paying the County a visit, why not check out our list of in our recommended Licence trade business


10 Fleet Street Restaurant